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About NPN Communications

The is a weekly e-letter sent every Tuesday to a list of more than 3,500 New Orleans residents, NPN stakeholders, and organizational partners locally and nationwide. and learn about events, news, and opportunities happening in every neighborhood around New Orleans!

The Trumpet is New Orleans only community newspaper written by neighborhood residents, for neighborhoods, about New Orleans neighborhoods. With over 30 contributors monthly, our network is fulfilling our vision of “community voices orchestrating change,” and we invite you to be a part of this symphony!

The Trumpet is our answer to the digital divide. Just as the Internet has changed how information is presented to people, it has also changed the degree to which people can create and present their own information. Many remain worried about the effect that the internet appears to be having on traditional print news. In a unique case like The Trumpet, we struggle to balance the two media to be able to let our physically-printed publication complement our online publication, and vice versa. Click here to read The Trumpet online.

Unlike other publications, we chose to enhance the newspaper by encouraging everyone to submit valuable content that informs and educates all New Orleanians. As a contributor, you will help us shape each issue’s theme by contributing news, photos, and stories that affects, promotes and empowers our city, its neighborhoods and its residents.

We invite you to join us as a sponsor, partner, underwriter, reporter, photographer or a columnist! Whether you want to write something “article style” or use The Trumpet to highlight a service or event, we encourage your submission. Want to contribute? Contact

Scott Bicking, Graphic Designer
Christi “CeCe” Chapman, Author
Heidi Hickman, Resident
Elton Jones, “New Orleans Rising“ &
Naomi King,
Mike Madej, Resident
Linedda McIver,
Brian Opert, Talk Show Host,
Valerie Robinson, Marketing & Public Relations Consultant
Melinda Shelton,
Ray Nichols,

Want to join the board? We meet every other month to discuss upcoming Trumpet issues, brainstorm, fundraise, and plan Trumpet Release Parties. It’s a lot of fun! To be eligible, you or your organization must be a member of NPN. Simple, right? Email with why you’d like to be considered.

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