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The Trumpet: Don't Be Spooked By Civic Engagement

The NPN Trumpet is the only New Orleans community newspaper written by neighborhood residents for neighborhoods about New Orleans neighborhoods. With more than 30 contributors bi-monthly, the Trumpet bridges the digital divide and assembles “community voices orchestrating change.” There are four great ways for you to join the symphony today.


Looking for daily community-based news items between your bi-monthly installment of The NPN Trumpet? Look no further than Trumpet Tidbits, regular updates from the NPN network. Want to highlight the great things that are happening in your neighborhood? Become and NPN Member today!


The NPN Trumpet‘s content is guided by the insight of a committed group of community stewards with the journalistic experience and connection to neighborhoods necessary to stay true to its vision. Committee participation is a benefit of NPN membership.


The value of The NPN Trumpet lies in the strength and diversity of the voices it represents. Sign up to volunteer as a Trumpet Contributor today.


NPN provides a variety of communications tools to meet your advertising needs. Whether you place a print advertisement in a bi-montly NPN Trumpet magazine or opt for an interview Web banner ad or splash page, we can work with you to find the right way to share your message with our expansive audience. 



Special editions of The Trumpet provide unique opportunities for organizations and businesses to convey their key messages to Neighborhoods Partnership Network (NPN) stakeholders. They are typically published during Trumpet off-months – February, April, June, August, October and December. All content is directed and provided by the advertiser with layout and production managed by NPN. For an additional cost, NPN can coordinate a release event tailored to the advertiser’s needs.

Special edition package includes:

  • Production of 5,000 copies for The Trumpet Special Edition
  • Distribution of special edition through our partnership with Louisiana Weekly
  • Posting of an electronic version of the special edition to with special blog post announcing the issue and shared via social media
  • An allotment of 100 copies for the advertiser’s use

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